Urdu - Madni Keyboard

Urdu - Madni Keyboard 1.0

It will help you typing / writing / printing Urdu on your Computer
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Muhammad Munir Qureshi Madni

It will help you typing / writing / printing Urdu on your Computer, Writing Documents / Books in Urdu, Designing Urdu Web Pages, Sending Urdu Emails, Chatting in Urdu, Publishing through Electronic Media.

Urdu is the national language of Pakistan and has more than 60 million speakers in more than 20 countries. Even with such extensive readership, very limited information is published on internet in Urdu. A significant limiting factor is absence of proper Urdu fonts and Support on computers.

Microsoft Windows provides Arabic / Urdu support but no Urdu Keyboard mapping for an average computer user is available. Considering these short falls, as to assist our Muslim Brothers and Sisters and Urdu community worldwide, we have tried to develop Urdu Keyboard easy installation utility and guidance for configuring Urdu.

Any average computer user follow these guidance we are sure the he/she can easily install "Urdu - Madni Keyboard", configure Urdu on the computer and become fluent in typing, printing and communicating Urdu on Electronic Media.

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